Strategy Maps in BSC Designer PRO

Describe a strategy of the organization on the strategy map; explain how goals are connected, align indicators, and action plans.

Create a New Strategy Map

  1. Go to the Strategy Map tab
  2. Click the Add new strategy map buttonAdd strategy map button
  3. The Placement Wizard will be started
  4. Select one of the map types
  5. Click the Execute button
  6. Click Cancel to create an empty map

Adding New Items

  1. Select any perspective
  2. Click on the Align with button, select New... option
  3. Fill in the required settings
  4. Click Add new item

Export Map

Click the Export button on the toolbar to access the map export dialog.

  • Increase Export resolution to prepare a map for printing
  • Use Export without background to export map with transparent background

Change Mission Statement

  1. Go to the KPI tab
  2. Select root element
  3. Enter the text in the Mission field below

Creating Map with KPIs

  1. Go to the Strategy Map tab
  2. Create a new map
  3. Select Map with KPIs in the Placement Wizard

To link a KPI to a map area:

  1. Go to the KPI tab
  2. Right-click on any KPI
  3. Select the Link item to the map option