Performance Analysis and Forecast for KPIs

Find the best performing indicators, biggest gain or loss, predict indicator value, and detect indicators that were not updated on time.

How-to use Analysis Function

Here is a general approach to using the analysis functions in BSC Designer:

  1. Open a scorecard in BSC Designer and go to the Analysis tab
  2. Choose the analysis type that you want to use:
  3. Select analysis type

  4. In the list of indicators some columns will support order sorting, click on them to change sorting order:
  5. Choose sorting order

  6. Options below allow to adjust time interval for the analysis as well as other settings

Analysis Types

Here are the supported analysis types in BSC Designer:

  • Performance - find best/worst performing indicators
  • Progress - find indicators with highest/lowest progress
  • Absolute weight - find indicators with the highest/lowest impact on the scorecard performance
  • Forecast - do a linear forecast of indicator's value that is expected to be achieved for a certain date, or forecast a date when certain value will be achieved
  • Update time - list indicators and their update dates, find indicators that were not updated on time
  • Biggest gain/loss - find indicators that were the biggest gain/loss (can be applied to "value," "performance," "progress") over a period