Scorecards Cascading or Alignment in BSC Designer

Connect goals and KPIs from different scorecards. Learn how to align goals with each other.

Learn more about the role of cascading in strategic planning.

To cascade a strategy in BSC Designer, use automatic and manual alignment.

Automatic Alignment by Perspectives

To align scorecards automatically:

  1. Go to the > My Scorecards
  2. Drag and drop the Source scorecard to the Recipient scorecard
A number of aligned strategy scorecards connected by perspectives

The software will match the perspectives in the scorecards by their names and align them automatically:

The functional level scorecards are aligned with corporate level scorecard by perspectives

Use the Weight property on the Performance tab to show the different impact of the low-level scorecards on the high-level scorecard:

Adjust weight of perspective to reflect different impact on overall perspective

Manual Alignment by Goal / KPI

To align scorecards manually:

  1. Open the source scorecard, switch to the KPIs tab
  2. Select a source item and copy it (menu Tools > Copy Indicator)
  3. Open the recipient scorecard and select a recipient item
  4. Add connection (menu Tools > Paste Indicator)
  5. The software will suggest two options: click the Link data button

Another way to align the scorecards manually:

  1. Open the source scorecard, switch to the Strategy map icon in BSC Designer Strategy map tab
  2. Select a source item on the strategy map
  3. Click on the Export button on the toolbar:
  4. Export goal to another scorecard
  5. Select the recipient scorecard and item:
  6. Selecting destination scorecard and item
  7. Click the Link button

Dependency Tree

To view the dependencies between cascaded scorecards:

  1. Select the previously imported indicator
  2. Switch to the Data tab
  3. Click on the Data source button next to the Value field:
  4. Data source button

  5. The dependency tree will be displayed.