Ensure Data Consistency for KPIs Managed in BSC Designer

Use advanced functions for KPIs: specify update interval, define values grouping, change value inheritance and stop-lights properties.

Update Interval

For any KPI on the scorecard an update interval can be adjusted:

  1. Select a KPI
  2. Click Values Editor
  3. Find Update interval type settings
  4. Select required update interval and click Close

Change the update interval that the software uses by default for the new indicators via menu Tools > Options > Default update interval.

Value Inheritance

Value inheritance defines whether the software will use previous values for the dates without data, or if it will use only specifically entered values.

To adjust inheritance settings:

  • Select an indicator
  • Click onto the Values Editor button on the toolbar
  • Use the Values inheritance option

Update default inheritance via Tools > Options > Default value inheritance.

Data Grouping

When displaying data aggregated by time periods, the software uses the grouping setting for an indicator. To define data grouping:

  1. Select an indicator
  2. Click onto the Values Editor button on the toolbar
  3. Use the Group by drop list

Formulas for KPIs

To calculate a KPI using other KPIs:

  1. Select a KPI
  2. Switch to the Data tab, click on the Data source button:
  3. Data source button
  4. Select Formula button in BSC DesignerFormula as a data source

The Formula dialog will be displayed:

Formula dialog in BSC Designer

Use Insert controls to add a KPI to the formula:

  • Select if the software should use the KPI's value, progress, or performance.
  • Select a KPI in the list to add it to the formula.

Apply to option defines how the formula will be applied:

  • All applies the formula to all numerical properties of the indicator.
  • Value only applies the results to the value of the indicator. The user can enter the target manually.
  • Target only applies the results to the target of the indicator. The user can enter the current value manually.

Use [.] to search for an indicator inside the current item; use [..] to search for an indicator inside the parent item.

Tracking Evidence

An indicator on the scorecard can be configured to change its progress when evidence, such as a link or document, is uploaded.

To create such an indicator:

  1. Switch to the General tab of any indicator.
  2. Change the measurement units of the indicator to Evidence.
  3. Switch to the Data tab to set the required number of evidences in the Target field.