Video Tutorials for BSC Designer

Training videos for BSC Designer. Learn how to create scorecards, load KPIs with data, and involve team in strategy execution process.

BSC Designer - Balanced Scorecard Software - Onboarding

Account Setup in BSC Designer

Get Started Using Free Balanced Scorecard Templates

Organize a Workspace for Your Strategy Team

Creating a Simple Scorecard with BSC Designer

Manage Power and View-Only Users in BSC Designer

Giving Access Permissions to the Scorecards and KPIs

Scorecards Cascading or Alignment in BSC Designer

Managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in BSC Designer

Managing Goals or Containers for KPIs in BSC Designer

Initiatives for the KPIs and Business Goals

Advanced KPIs Properties in BSC Designer

Importing Data into the Scorecard from Excel Spreadsheet

Create Professional Strategy Maps Automatically

Create Performance Dashboards for the Most Important KPIs

Performance Analysis and Forecast for KPIs

Performance Reports for KPIs, Goals, and Initiatives