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Balanced Scorecard Diagrams and Charts


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Diagrams and Charts in BSC Designer

There are several types of charts in the BSC Designer. To access these charts, click on any of indicators, the relevant Chart will appear on the right side.

  • To access a detailed diagram, double-click on the diagram.
  • If you need to insert a diagram into your presentation, use the "Copy image" button for this purpose.
  • Select "Dashboard" tab on the bottom to switch to the dashboard view where all supported charts are displayed in a one place.

Optimization chart

Displays the function used as the optimization method. This function can be customized.

Optimization chart

Weight chart

The weight chart shows the absolute weights of indicators.

Weight chart

Gauge chart

This type of chart shows the min-max scale and current value on this scale.

Gauge Chart


A pie chart represents the performance of each indicator within a category if the category is selected. If the root is selected, the chart will display the performance of each category.

Weight pie


Diamond chart

A diamond-type chart is built if the user selects a category which contains three or more sub-items.

Diamond chart

BSC Designer can build a report using this type of diagram; this report is called a Dashboard Report.

Time chart diagram

A time chart diagram represents changes in performance for the indicator according to the time points specified in the project.

Time chart diagram


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