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Reports in BSC Designer

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When strategy description is accomplished, strategy execution just begins. The members of your team might need to discuss a strategy in the conference room, report the progress using specific indicators, or work according to the action plan.

Sometimes, you might need to get a certain projection of your business scorecard from BSC Designer and share it with others. Let's check the "Reports" menu to learn more.

HTML Report for KPIs in BSC Designer

HTML Report

HTML report is the most popular way to present data from the scorecard project. This report focuses on KPIs, their data, initiatives, and charts.

  • When generating a report you can choose the required level of the details: from a short summary to a report with all of the initiatives, and data tables.

Also,BSC Designer suggests you to choose a data grouping method: you can have a report with all of the data; or you can choose to present a quarterly or yearly summary for the available data.

KPI Report

In the "KPI Report" menu you will find several reports that can tell different stories about the Indicators from your project:

  • KPI Structure Report will present the indicators as you see them on the KPIs tab without data tables.
  • Values Report, in the contrast, this report contains all of the data and performance stoplights.
  • Key Risk Indicators Report summarizes the estimation of the risk impact and probability over your scorecard taking into account risk indicators available in the project.
  • Data Series Report will show the underlying details for those indicators that use data series as a source of data.

Business Goals Report

Business goals report focuses on the "objectives" part of your business scorecard. For this report you can choose the desired level of the details:

  • Select if you want to have a strategy map in the report;
  • Choose what initiatives you want to have: all of them, or only those that were added recently.

Strategy Map Report

In the Strategy Map Report menu you will find several options:

  • You can create an HTML report with maps that already exist in your project, or
  • Create a report with all of the maps that can be generated automatically.

BSC Designer can create reports with:

  • Classical Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map,
  • Overview map with top level goals and indicators, and
  • Cascading strategy map to show the connections between scorecards.

Dashboard Report

On the Dashboard in BSC Designer tab you have different views on the business performance. If you need to share these dashboards with your team you don't need to make a screenshot and save it to a picture file. Using Dashboard report you can have a copy of your dashboards in HTML or PDF formats.

Initiatives Report

In BSC Designer there are two types of initiatives, respectively two types of reports:

  • There are text initiatives like comments, remarks, and links to the documents. In this case the report will include the list of these initiatives and their details.
  • There are also initiatives like budget and duration. In this case BSC Designer calculates the total budget and total time needed to execute the strategy that was described in the business scorecard.

MS Excel Report

Sometimes you might not want to educate all of the members of your team to use BSC Designer; still you want them to have an access to the KPI scorecard. In this case an MS Excel report might be a good option. Actually, it is not a report, but a live copy of your KPI scorecard with all of your data and calculations. One can change some values in the spreadsheet and the performance figures will be updated automatically.

MS PowerPoint Report

PowerPoint presentation is a classical format to support a strategy discussion. The benefit is that you can support your ideas by some key data from your business scorecard. Here is what a PowerPoint report offers:

  • On the first slide you will see an introduction of your Business Scorecard;
  • On the next slides will be placed the maps from your project;
  • Then you will see the business goals;
  • Finally, the presentation will include all the details about indicators together with some key charts.
PowerPoint report with strategy map, business goals and KPIs

Customizing report

There are different ways to customize your reports in BSC Designer. One of the typical cases is that you need to comment on some charts. To do this just add a new comment or a new remark via Initiatives and use one of the chart tags. Your comment will appear under the selected chart in the reports.

Need to customize your reports more?

  • Start with the "Settings" button that is available for some reports;
  • If you need to add to the template company's logo or other data, go to Tools > Application Options > Company Info;
  • If you want to customize the way the charts look, go to the Tools > Application Options > Chart colors tab.

Sharing the report

Excel or PowerPoint reports are created directly in MS Office, so you can easily save and share them with your team. With HTML-based reports you have even more flexibility:

  • You can save a report to the local disk
  • You can publish it on your FTP server and share the link with your team
  • You can print the report directly from BSC Designer

If you need to have a PDF version of the report, then use of one the PDF printers pre-installed in Windows or download and install a free one. In this way you will be able to save any report in PDF format.

Reports in BSC Designer is a great way to share some important information from your Business Scorecard with all stakeholders. Download a trial copy of BSC Designer and try the reports with your own data!

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