Adding Comment to a Diagram

With BSC Designer it is possible to create comments for KPIs that will be later added next to the diagram in HTML or PowerPoint report.

Adding comments

Comments can be added to a KPI in a form of a "comment" initiative.

1. Select any KPI on the "KPIs" tab 

2. Click the "Initiatives" button

3. Click "Comment" button to add a new comment

4. In the "Comment" dialog you will see "Add chart tag" button. Click it and select "Gauge - #gauge." 

In this way you will associate a comment for this KPI with a "Gauge" diagram. 

5. '#gauge' text will appear in the comment text box, so don't delete it. This is a marker that tells BSC Designer about an associated between this comment and this diagram.

6. Add some text to the comment. The result will look like: "#gauge. Here is some text."

Testing comments

Try creating an "Scorecard Performance" or a "PowerPoint" report, and you will see that your text will be displayed under the Gauge diagram.