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Link KPI value to certain cell in Excel file

BSC Designer allows you to link KPI value to the certain cell value in Excel file:
  1. Go to the "KPIs" tab in BSC Designer and select KPI that you want to link
  2. Click "Data Source" button Data source button next to "Value" field
  3. Select "Link to MS Excel"
  4. Select Excel file to import from
  5. Select below the way you want BSC Designer to use to understand where the cell is located

There are several options suggested:

  • "Named range". The most reliable one, but in your Excel file you need to select certain cell and mark it as a named range (check MS Excel manual for details)
  • "Fixed address". In this case you will be able to select certain spreadsheet and then select certain cell. The problem with this method is that if you will add any column or line that will change the position of source cell, the imported data will be incorrect
  • "Near cell with indicator name". If the name of your indicator is "New indicator 1" and in Excel file there is a cell "New indicator 1" and another cell next to it with necessary value, you can use text "New indicator 1" as a reference to find necessary value
  • "Near cell with custom descriptor". The same idea as for "near cell with indicator name", but here you can specify any custom text, not just indicator name

Important notes about importing value from Excel in this way:

  • The value is imported in the currently selected Time point. If you have selected in the Calendar current date the value will be imported for the current date;
  • Each time you select "Tool" > "Update imported indicator" the latest value will be imported from Excel. If new time point is selected the new value will be imported into the new time point.
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