Performance Reports in BSC Designer PRO

Support presentations with performance data from business scorecard - create reports for goal performance and KPIs data.

Scorecard Performance Report

This report focuses on KPIs, their data, initiatives, and charts. Select in the report dialog:

  • The time period to report
  • Grouping settings for indicators
  • The level of the reporting details

Understanding Reports

  • Start and End are the value/performance for the start and end points of the report interval
  • Dynamic is the difference between the End value and Start value.
  • Max, Min, Average are respectively maximum, minimum or average performance/progress over the reporting period
  • Current is the value for the date selected in the internal calendar

Goals and KPIs Report

  • Cost of Strategy - a summary of all initiatives with budget and duration data
  • Efforts vs. Results - a report with leading and lagging data for the goals
  • Action Plan - a report with goals, initiatives, and persons responsible

KPI Report

  • KPI Structure Report - a copy of the KPI tree from the KPI tab
  • Values Report - includes all values for indicators and stop lights
  • Key Risk Indicators Report - summarizes the estimation of the risk impact and probability
  • Data Series Report - shows the details for the indicators powered by data series

Other Reports

  • Strategy Map Report
  • Dashboard report
  • Analysis Report
  • MS Excel Report
  • MS PowerPoint Report

Customizing Reports

  • Change report charts using the Tools > Application Options > Reports tab
  • Add logo using the Tools > Application Options > Company Info tab
  • Change charts colors using the Tools > Application Options > Chart colors tab

Reports in PDF

  1. Generate any report
  2. Click the Print button on the Report tab
  3. Use any PDF printer